Tuesday, May 21, 2013

 Pancho Ramos-Stierle,  “How can we create alternatives that are so beautiful that they just naturally are in conflict with a collapsing and broken system?”

This is a quote from Yes Magazine.  A magazine I love but will have to read at the library from now on.  Money is uncertain, life is changing and I am not even sure how yet.  I woke up crying today and cried my way through most of this day, stopping to tutor a student and interact with the financial advisor I have begun working with.  I simply have no idea how to decide what to do with the small amount of money I have, I am trusting him to guide me in this.  It helps that he tells me he has lots of clients  like me, who come to him crying, overwhelmed, with piles of paper that they do not understand.  But I planted a looooong row of sweet potatoes and suddenly the day wasn't a move to Australia day any more. 

The quote above is talking about our systems: medical, schools, political, that are broken; and how  we address those things.  He suggests that instead of trying to redo what is broken, instead of patching up, instead of trying to continue to create a system that no longer works....instead of all those options, why not create something new and beautiful and amazing.  Something new, perhaps not based on the old. 

Somehow this thrills me.  It thrills me for the world I live in, for the work I do, and for my small personal system that often feels as if it is now broken and collapsing.  I can, I will, create an alternative so beautiful that collapsing and broken is not an option.  If I find a way to do this in my external world, in my work, I can't help but do it in my internal world as well.  Right?

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