Sunday, May 19, 2013

Objects fly through the air, stars wheel through the universe. All fall eventually. If we become obsessed with definitively mastering the decline, we are lost. If we achieve peace within the intervals of rising and falling, we find grace.(Arthur Chandler, On the Symbolism of Juggling: The Moral and Aesthetic Implications of the Mastery of Falling Objects.

a friend sent me this quote this week and I have not been able to let go of fascinates me.  I actually went and read the article and that fascinated me too.  I wish the idea of finding peace within the intervals of rising and falling fascinated me as much.  Mostly right now those intervals just irritate me.  I am not yet at peace with intervals, I want to keep that ball up.  Just up.  Up would be good.  But I am fascinated with the peace within the rising and falling...what a lovely idea.  It feels doable.  Possible.  I can imagine the rhythm of the juggler, the grace and beauty of the pattern.  Maybe I can do this.

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