Monday, August 12, 2013

There was a woman at the festival, Glennon Melton, whose blog I have been following for quite a while. She just wrote a book called, Carry On Warrior.  She is a recovering everything and she tells the truth. 

It would be easy to think she had it easy.  She has this amazing blog, wrote a book, she is beautiful and has a lovely family.  She seems to have it all.  But her telling the truth behind that perfection is a powerful act.  She believes and lives that secrets = shame = fear.  It was amazing to watch this woman talk about all the things so many of us would choose to keep secret.  And she is free and in that freedom an amazing force for good in the world. 

What if I told the truth?  Really told the truth?  To myself?  To others?  What if we all did?  And what if we heard it with love?  What kind of world could we create?  Can you imagine?  It's terrifying and exhilarating all at the same time. 

We build our lives with stories.  The stories we tell ourselves to keep ourselves sane and safe, the stories we tell others to save face.  How do we decide which part of our story defines us?  What part of the story ends up on the cutting room floor?  How would the story change if I picked up some of those pieces and integrated them, chose to tell the whole story, not just the easier parts?

I think I have always had such a strong desire to move on to the next best thing that I have left a great deal behind.  Rather than integrate those separate stories into my life, I have simply left them. 

It might be time to tell the whole story, to find a way to integrate the parts left behind.  What would you share if you did not have to be afraid?

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