Friday, November 8, 2013

More Kindness

As I was working in the garden this morning I thought of some more:

My mom who came up and helped me dig up every single garden bed.  Without questioning me.  Simply because "I have to, it's what we always did."  Even knowing I couldn't possibly work them all. 

She also took me to see baby goats three days after David died.  In spite of the fact that I was pretty sure I didn't want to see baby goats.  Those baby goats brought me a lot of joy as they jumped, and sucked on our fingers and shoelaces, and simply reminded me that new life happens. 

My son, who asked me if I wanted him to come live with me, even though neither of us was real sure about the idea.  Having him here reminds me that I have family, even when we push each other's buttons.  That he realized I would feel alone and cared enough to ask means a great deal.  He's a good guy. 

Parents of my students, who brought their children to David's memorial service.  What a gift that was, to see those young lovely faces; to have children there. 

...and I suspect the list will continue. 

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