Saturday, May 3, 2014

All I Would Ever Need

The redbud sapling in the side yard is set against a backdrop of dark pines and this time of year it glows.  Each delicate heart shaped leaf is illuminated from within with it's own particular shade of green.  It is a glory against the black branches and pine boughs.  At first, I thought it was the sun lighting the leaves, but today with a cloudy start the leaves glow with even more intensity.

I sit with my coffee between two native azaleas that are just in bloom.  They smell like the beach.  I can't even name it any better than that.  It is something of sun and salt and sand, a biting slight sweetness.  Mos of the azaleas are as sweet as honeysuckle,  but these two are Beach.  Planted in just these particular spots for me to sit in my patch of morning sun and sip my coffee.  Pure pleasure. 

But the glowing redbud - that's a delicious surprise.  Every Spring there are surprises.  I don't keep a neat garden and plants rearrange themselves at will.  Every year the Columbine, Evening Primrose, Four O'Clocks and strawberries move around.  They come up in unexpected places, even the driveway.

Unexpected glories, traveling mercies, and inner illumination.  If I could manage those with the abandon my garden appear to, it might be all I would ever need in this life of mine. 

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