Friday, April 4, 2014

Love Wins, again

Here's the thing ya'll:  We only have this tiny little moment.  We might have forty years, or five; we might have only this next breath.  So dream, plan, prepare but don't put off.  Do what you love, what brings you the greatest joy.  Be present with everyone you meet, most especially those you love.  Do not lose of moment of that. 

Life will knock you down and as you get to your knees it will knock you down again.  Keep getting up, it's worth it.  Love will break you open, let it.  It will catch you by surprise, show up when you thought it wasn't possible.  Stay open to the possibility. 

Life will be terrible and wonderful and it will be okay. 

Sometimes I believe all this, I even know it deep in my bones.  And then sometimes I scream at the sky and fall down on the ground and cry in the sun.  Sometimes peace floods through my soul and I am in love with the world.  Sometimes I hate that I am the one left behind. 

But here's the thing.  There is NO time!  Hurry up, run to that thing you love and drop those things that dull your soul.  Just walk away, it will be okay.  There will be a day when you wonder what the hell you were thinking all those years, what you were waiting for.  Don't let there be regret.  Go out in a blaze of glory knowing you loved your life and every single thing in it. 

I know these things are said over and over so often that they are platitudes and clichés.  AND they are true. 

Just take my word for it.  Leap and the net will appear.  Be brave.  There really is no other choice.  In the end, Love Wins. 

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  1. Thank you, dear. You always say the words I need to hear.