Saturday, March 22, 2014

Kind of Like Me

The garden is at it's worst right now.  Tired, half dead, raggedy with the detritus of fall littering every space.  Here and there are brave green shoots of Iris, Daffodil, and Lilly.  Too soon.  They peek up and are stung into stillness.  Not able to move forward or back, having to sit and wait for warmer weather.  The weeds however, flourish.  I pull them absentmindedly all through the darkest coldest days.  Even though I did what I thought was a fine job of preparing the garden for winter it does not look comfortably put to bed.  It looks like a restless child, covers tossed here and there, toys, crumbs, clothes scattered over everything.  Does the garden dream in winter, wondering if it will make it?  Feeling lost in the darkness?  Or is it better at this than I am? 

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  1. Dianne, while I have known you since 1973(!), I never knew you were so talented a writer! Lovely posts. Ross